KARAOKE DJ kristian keith

I have had the fun opportunity to learn how to do Karaoke at A.B. Gusto's in Crest Hill. Friend and now boss Dave Phillips asked if I would enjoy assisting him every other Friday with being the Karaoke DJ. Since I am usually there enjoying the company of friends and partaking in some fun singing I thought it would be a good chance to refine some skills.

1. Working Sound: It has been a long time since I have been behind the board and EQing live sound. With taking sound engineer classes in College and doing some home recording the last couple years this provides a steady chance to re-learn and improve my skills. Especially since there will be multiple singers throughout each night, redefining the sound from song to song is an awesome challenge.

2. Stage Presence: Being the frontman of THANATOPSIS and performing solo as kristian keith I have some years behind the mic, on stage and in front of an audience. Though I will personally admit the hardest time for me behind the mic was when the music was silent and I had to converse with the crowd. This is a skill that needs constant improvement, even working in sales now I have work on this skill. So having the chance to do this every other Friday, I welcome. Always good to step out of the comfort zone and enhance one's abilities.

3. Making New Friends: Of course the best part is having fun and meeting new people. In sales I have learned it is always good to network and the more people you know the better. While I have made some good friends at Gusto's, I look forward to make new friendships and strengthening the ones I have.


So basically, come out and show your support for my new adventure and please come have a great time singing! Always fun to be around good people and good beer!


Friday, June 12, 2015
10pm - 2am

Friday, June 26, 2015
10pm - 2am

Check out future dates on show page!

must be 21 or older